Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hello and welcome to the ReferenceBot development blog! 

We just launched it today and we are already getting reviews from sites like Obviously the site has a long list of improvements plus the feedback of all the users that are starting to use it... 

First, let us tell you what this website is about:

Think of ReferenceBot as the first "Internet professional reference repository". 

If your company is looking to hire a new employee (or subcontract a consultant), this employee/consultant will give you references. Instead of contacting references one by one, ReferenceBot will send them a link where they can respond questionnaires and/or write a letter of recommendation with a single click. ReferenceBot will also alert you when a reference responds, allowing you to centralize all prospects and references.

And at the same time, if you are marketing your business and want to showcase what your customers say about your product/service, ReferenceBot also helps you collect and showcase what these happy customers have to say, and have all of them in one single place (you can then send your prospect customers a link, i.e., where they can see all the nice things they say about you).

One last interesting twist is that say you intend to hire Mr Prospect. Mr Prospect provided you with a reference (Mr Company). Mr Company wrote a reference about Mr Prospect. If Mr Prospect opens an account, Mr Company's comments will be automatically added to Mr Prospect's profile. This means, Mr Prospect will already have a reference in his profile to showcase to other/future employers and Mr Company will not have to "write Mr Prospect's reference again". Same applies if you enter a prospect that is already in the system, you will be able to see/read all his references.

Needless to say the application is free to use and also free of advertising.

Stay tuned, we will include a list of future improvements

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