Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Sunday clarification about ReferenceBot...

ReferenceBot has drawn some attention and mostly very positive feedback. A few visitors made some questioning about the functionality of ReferenceBot, so we wanted to make a few things clear: 

-ReferenceBot vs LinkedIn: ReferenceBot does not intend to replace LinkedIn "recommendations" nor "networking" features. ReferenceBot is a repository for professional recommendations and intends to "consolidate" professional references for prospects, companies and references to make the process more agile, less repetitive and more public (hence the "social 2.0" tag). LinkedIn is a social network to connect and relate to other professionals.

-ReferenceBot rules: ReferenceBot has some simple rules to make the process (as we see it) work, some elements cannot be deleted after certain actions, etc. We will include a FAQ soon to make this clearer and future improvements will allow users to do a hundred new things (inlcuding the deletion of elements...) while keeping it simple (that's all what ReferenceBot is about: simplicity)

-ReferenceBot is in BETA: Yes, ReferenceBot was conceived in an hour, developed in 7 days (for the US), and investment total of $6.99 (for the domain name registration). But that does not mean "that's it, here is where we stop". We are constantly developing and enhancing the application every day, and we intend to do this as long as people keep using it and giving us feedback. We have a list of 12 major improvements on the works and we expect to have more, so please, give us some time!

Also we have a lot of very good feedback from companies in the UK and Canada, we are going to be working hard to fulfill their needs in the next few weeks.

Thanks to everybody for all the reviews!

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