Friday, May 22, 2009

Application update and other news

Hello there,

We have uploaded some more new features to the system, new icons (yes, we know, we said we were not going to change them, but we did... they actually look better and more 2.0).
We also have the new list of updates that will make it even more "collaborative" and beneficial for job seekers, stay tuned, we will announce it next week after it is uploaded.

ReferenceBot was featured in Emily Chang's eHub. Emily Chang is an award-winning web and interaction designer and technology strategist, cited among the 50 most influential individuals in Silicon Valley.

ReferenceBot was also featured in Recruiting Fly is a site dedicated to bringing visitors the best in employment-related content.

ReferenceBot also featured in Web Dev 2.0

As usual, we need more testers, testers, testers! Please get your account, it is free and also free of advertising.

Have a great weekend!

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